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Several years ago, you may have listened to the weekly webcast of A Medicine of Hope, which brought you unbiased, powerful information about Integrative Healthcare[1] solutions for reversing chronic medical and psychiatric conditions. A Medicine of Hope went “off the air” due to unexpected obstacles to its continued broadcast. Now its back, renamed as A Medicine of Truth and Hope.

There is little doubt that Conventional Medicine has brought miraculous surgical, radiological and pharmaceutical (i.e., “cut, burn and poison”) treatments for end stage and acute disorders.  However, conventional medicine might best be described as A Medicine of Despair when it comes to dealing with the lion’s share of human suffering; chronic healthcare problems.  In fact, the “cut, burn and poison” strategies are often counterproductive or even deadly when prescribed for chronic disorders such as autoimmune diseases, depression, mood disorders, chronic infections (e.g., candida, lyme), allergies, type II diabetes, addictions and hormone imbalances.  Although the “cut, burn and poison” strategies are delivered by compassionate, well-intended providers, this Medicine of Despair only serves to drive those suffering from chronic disorders into spiraling, deepening cycles of pain, illness and hopelessness. Even if symptoms are covered up, consumers are duped into thinking they're getting well.

Consumer empowerment about stepping around healthcare’s landmines is a mission of A Medicine of Truth and Hope.  Using the wrong kind of medicine for the wrong type of problem can waste money and/or be harmful or deadly.  To refuse a conventional treatment such as an antibiotic for a life-threatening infection in favor of an herb can be just as deadly as using a drug (e.g., a poison) to merely cover up chronic medical/psychiatric symptoms which are better treated with nutritional supplements.  

What’s that you say? “What is so deadly about medication?”  If you ask that question, you absolutely need to tune into A Medicine of Truth and Hope every week so you can see past the media propaganda and the annoying, deceptive drug ads and hear certain truths such as:  The most prestigious medical journal in the world has warned that prescription medication is the 3rd leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer in the USA![2]  Ignorance can get you killed.  A Medicine of Truth and Hope intends to shine the light of truth so you can navigate your way.

The weekly webcast of A Medicine of Truth and Hope will have many sponsors who perhaps are not able to publically deliver unvarnished truth about Integrative Healthcare.  Understandably, many treatment providers need to “stay under the radar.” But as long as free speech endures, despite dire political realities now threatening it, A Medicine of Truth and Hope will bring you the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God. Once empowered by truth, you should have a lot to be hopeful about. Rejoice. Integrative healthcare works.  But if you continue to remain ensnared in myths and fairy tales, then benefitting from the disease management system can indeed be utterly hopeless.

Advocates of either conventional or alternative healthcare can get their feathers pretty ruffled when they are flushed out from behind their deceptive camouflage. For instance, when A Medicine of Truth and Hope informs you that antidepressants don’t work when compared to placebos in published meta-analysis studies[3], and that the scamming “Big (p)Harma Emperors (Indeed) Have No Clothes” and have pulled the wool over not only your eyes, but also the eyes of your doctor, do you think that those profiting on keeping 30 million Americans sick and hopeless on useless antidepressants are going to be appreciative?  Conversely, are so-called “healthfood” advocates going to be grateful if A Medicine of Truth and Hope exposes their snake-oil-laden, fraudulent advertising claims for 1000s of products?

Of course healthcare consumers are paralyzed with hopelessness and despair.  They can smell a rat, and the electorate just resoundingly denounced Obama’s so-called healthcare plan, the biggest rat of all.  There is no health or care in healthcare.  Most treatments don’t work or they make you sicker or they put you in the grave. A Medicine of Truth and Hope will show you how a disease management system’s fraudulent propaganda machines seek to trick you into believing that its mission is to make you well, when in fact its mission is to make you sicker and more dependent on drugs, big government and insurance schemes.  And most alternative medicine seeks to steal your money with useless “cures.” 

So, keep your head in the sand, believe all those healthcare ads, keep swallowing drugs and useless, ridiculous remedies, and trying fad diets. Or just switch on your computer and tune in once a week to A Medicine of Truth and Hope and hear enough truth to finally feel hopeful about your health potential.

[1] Integrative Healthcare melds the best of both conventional medicine, dentistry and psychology with alternative or complementary/alternative medicine (CAM), dentistry and psychology, and does not exclude either conventional or alternative methods. Integrative Medicine/Dentistry/Psychology recognizes the merits of any treatment based on the factors of proven efficacy, safety, expense and difficulty to use. For example, an antibiotic (conventional medicine) may be the best treatment for an infection, or a nutritional supplement (alternative medicine) such as folic acid may be the best treatment for a common genetic cause of depression and heart disease (a methytetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) polymorphism). Most disorders are best treated when all conventional and all alternative methods are considered, and that is defined as the Integrative Healthcare approach to authentic healing.

[2] Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH (2000) Is US Health Really the Best in the World? The Journal of the American Medical Association;284:483-485

[3] Irving Kirsch (University of Connecticut), Thomas J. Moore (The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services), Alan Scoboria and Sarah S. Nicholls (University of Connecticut), July 15, 2002, The Emperor's New Drugs: An Analysis of Antidepressant Medication Data Submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Prevention & Treatment, Volume 5, Article 23, (Copyright 2002 by the American Psychological Association)








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